Wednesday, June 29, 2011

4th of July vacation at the Barn

Summer has hit me fast. I can't believe it's almost July.

Every year I close the shop over the week of the 4th. This year we'll be closed July 2 - 11. We'll reopen on the 12th with some change in hours. I'll be opening at 10am instead of 9am through the summer and fall.

My plans include a bike ride through the Blue Ridge Parkway on Bill's Harley. Work at my house also needs to be done. Decks cleaned and treated. Landscaping cleaned up. I need to tend to the vegetable garden before the weeds think they are my crop.

The Christmas tree fields also need tending to. Mowing, killing unruly vines and poison and shearing of trees.

At some point I'll be making a trip to the shore and attempt some fishing.

Ok, so it's not enough time off to do all that. I'll do the best I can. The main thing for me is that I will get some time away from the barn. That will allow me to have a new and refreshed look at things when I reopen on the 12th.

Plus....Zoe needs a break from all the schmoozing she does will all the customers!