Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Vacation Time

The time is coming fast! Cobblestone Farms will be on vacation July 1 - 10.

Okay, so those who know me, probably know it won't all be vacation! I get to catch up on chores around my own home. My list of chores has grown so it's time to get some of those things off the list. The Christmas Tree Farm needs tending to. Mowing and weed control consume a lot of time. Shearing has started. June is when we start shearing the White Pine. Then the Douglas Fir are ready in July. After that it's the all the other Firs and Spruce. Mom and I have already knocked out most of the White Pine.

I will get away a little for some R&R at some point. Maybe the shore or the mountains. Depends on the weather!

When we reopen on the 11th I will change hours a bit. I will be closed Mondays and Tuesdays thru September only. I need the extra day to do more shearing. I'm just getting a little older and those early mornings and late evenings I did shearing in the last few years is wearing on me. The rest of the hours will remain the same. Wednesday - Friday: 10-6; Saturday: 10-5; Sunday: 11-5.